On this page, you’ll find all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the Starco fans.

When will I receive my order?

Once your order is confirmed and booked by us you’ll receive an automated email with the tracking ID and tracking link for your consignment. You can track your order using the link in the email. Usually, it takes 1- 2 weeks for the delivery to be completed.

Are COD customers given priority?

No, we ship orders in sequence regardless of the mode of payment.

What is the process of the order of confirmation?

If you choose the COD option on the checkout, your order moves to the processing stage automatically. If you pay in advance, we ask you to send a proof of transfer either via email or WhatsApp. After acknowledging the payment your order gets into the process queue.

I placed a wrong order; Can I cancel it?

You can reply to the order confirmation email, and we’ll cancel your order.

I placed an order; can I change it?

In such a case, please reply to the confirmation email and we will cancel your order. You can place a new order for the products you want to buy.

When do we (STARCO) contact you?

If we find that the shipping information is incomplete, we try to reach you via phone call. If the provided phone number is incorrect, we send you an email.

I have received a different remote than in the video?

Having a different style remote (in design) doesn’t mean it’s anything lesser than what you have seen in the video. It’s just a design update. 

The product I want to order is out of stock. How long will it take for the inventory to be updated?

You can subscribe to the waitlist on a specific product page. Once we update the inventory, you’ll receive an automated email, directing you to the product page for placing your order.

Can we buy custom variations other than what is displayed on the website?

No. Since the production takes place at a large scale, making a few custom orders can disturb the supply chain and cause delays.

The black matt option of Glory Inverter is an exception (You can write “matt” in your order note until we update it on the website).

How shall I claim my warranty?

You can reach us out via email, WhatsApp, or call and we’ll assist you. You don’t need a specific warranty card to claim your warranty, your order number is enough.

If the product is delivered broken, how do I get it replaced?

Simply write us an email or WhatsApp us your order number with the picture of the product. We’ll generate a replacement order for you. You don’t need to pay for the courier in case of replacement.

Will the prices go up?

We never know for sure since the economy is so fragile therefore, we cannot promise you a fix price.

For how long can I get the discount?

You can get a discount only when you buy from our webstore and use the coupon code “owais8” at the checkout. The coupon is valid for 2 years or until announced otherwise.

Is a DC Inverter fan different from a conventional fan? How does it work?

DC Inverter technology has an altogether different working mechanism. It uses the Brush Less Direct Current (BLDC) motor. Powered by a high-power factor PCBA, the DC Inverter fan runs better than a conventional fan and consumes very little power than any other fan in the market.

Does the PCBA have a separate warranty from the fan itself?

The PCBA is used in DC inverter fans and it has one year of brand warranty.

Please note that a warranty won’t be claimed in case of any damage done to the PCBA due to incorrect installation, contact with water, or running on the voltage higher than the specified.

Is Starco NEECA approved?

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is a Pakistan energy regulation body that introduced a three-star energy efficiency standard for fans that consume less power than conventional fans.

In 2016, Starco became Pakistan’s first fan manufacturer to get a three-star rating by NEECA.

What is type of remote that comes with the fan?

The DC Inverter fan comes in two types; RF and IR. Sapphire Inverter and Glory Inverter come with RF remote while Florence Inverter and Orient Inverter come with IR remote.

Key features of RF remote include:

  • Long-range
  • ECO Mode
  • Smart Mode
  • Child Lock
  • 6-Speed Control
  • Easy Pairing
  • Timer


Key features of IR remote include:

  • No pairing
  • Power On/Off
  • Speed Control
How to pair RF remote with the fan?

Pairing is a one-time process. We recommend pairing while the fan is newly installed. To pair RF remote with the fan, first, you need to turn on the power source, then press the power on/off button on the remote for 3-6 seconds or until you hear the beep voice 2-3 times. Leave the power button when the beep sound is heard twice or thrice. The fan should be paired with the remote 

You should only turn the power source on for the fan you want to pair if there is more than one RF-controlled fan in the closed proximity pairing process could be troublesome. Also, remember that you should never connect the DC fan with the dimer/regulator as it can cause damage to the PCBA.